Risk consultancy can be offered via our affiliate Stedman Denny.


Risk is clearly at the forefront of every company and bank’s mind in today’s environment. The principals of Stedman Denny have been advising on risk and risk governance throughout their careers. The firm is a thought leader in the implementation and promotion of sound risk management procedures and governance.


As well as advising on all areas of risk facing financial institutions (e.g. credit, operational, legal, liquidity and market risk) the firm also advises corporate clients on treasury/ liquidity risks and market risks they are running in their businesses.


Some of the specific areas in which the firm advises are:


  • Review, enhancement and development of risk policies and procedures
  • Assistance with the roll-out of risk committees and development of risk charters
  • Assistance with the development of risk roles and responsibilities within organisations
  • Implementation of debt/asset hedging strategies
  • Independent analysis of various risk systems available for purchase
  • Training of management and employees
  • Research on risk management practices at top tier banks and investment banks.
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