Officer, Credit Admin Department

Our client, a global bank, is currently searching for an Officer for their Credit Admin Department.  Details below:-


The ideal candidate should have following hands on experience –

  • Credit Admin  Confirmations (CAC) will sanction based on the credit term sheet along with any additional conditions to be fulfilled as part of the sanction. These additional/deletions in credit recommendations if any required by CAC will be mentioned in CAC meeting minutes.
  • Credit analyst will complete the term sheet as per the CAC sanction and release to the RM/BM/BDM for acceptance from the customer.
  • Customer will return the accepted term sheet to RM/BH
  • RM/BH will complete the Valuation (in case valuation is not done before the sanction) and Solicitor instruction form and send to Credit Admin Department (CAD) along with the signed term sheet to obtain the valuation and solicitor quotes.
  • CAD will contact 3 solicitor, 3 valuation (in case valuation is not done before the sanction) and 3 QS (for development loans) firms for quote for legal, valuation, QS work respectively.
  • CAD to co-ordinate with branch RM/ BM for the selection of the solicitor, Valuers and QS and carry out the legal work
  • CAD will co-ordinate with valuer/ solicitor about finalise of Report of title (ROT)/Certificate of Title (COT). For all loans submitted on shorter template, a COT will be required. For all other loans report on title (ROT) will be required.
  • Any CS will be the responsibility of the BM/RM/BDM to ensure its completion and confirm to CAD team
  • Once the confirmation from the solicitor is received that all CP are completed and bank security is protected, CAD will check all documents before authorising the branches to proceed with the disbursement of the loan. At this time, the bank will have undated documents received from the solicitor.
  • The documents are later dated, completed and sent to the bank within 6-8 weeks.
  • Later solicitors send all other documents physical pack once the charge registration in the land registry is completed. This can take up to 12 months. However the bank interest during this time is secured and protected.
  • CAD team will keep the originals and electronic copies for Moorgate and central origination team. CAD will keep all scanned copies in CAD share point. In case of branches, CAD team will keep the scanned copies of the documents. The originals will be sent to branches for safe storage.


Other Tasks:

  • The conveyancing related queries (such as ROT, COT, indemnity, covenant etc) which does not increase the risk for the bank in the transaction will be approved by CAD
  • In case of change in structure of the deal, RM/BM will need to confirm that there is no additional risk in the transaction due to the change in the structure. Based on the RM/BM confirmation, CAD will proceed in the deal.
  • Revalidation of loan sanctions up to 3 more months after expiry of validity of initial offer letter, if nothing else that changes the risk profile
  • Maintain the panel for valuer, solicitor, QS. Any Addition, Modification, deletion during the month will be notified to CROC
  • Instruct solicitor to issue an addendum letter to adjust the loan amount at same LTV in case of final valuation is less than expected valuation. In case of valuation of the property is higher than the expected and customer wish to avail higher amount, then RM will approach credit for revised CAC approval from CAC. If higher loan is not requested by the customer on the basis of the higher valuation then there will not need to refer back to CAC.
  • Consent to lease for commercial properties and/ or residential properties which are not on AST agreements. Any lease affecting the LTV, affordability below the required level market value will need CAC approval.
  • Consent to release of security after confirmation from the branch that there is no loan outstanding against the specific property
  •  Authorise branches for subsequent disbursements post QS reports.
  • All insurances are updated in the system.
  • CAD will provide update to CROC on overdue insurances. Branches will be responsible for ensuring the updated insurances are obtained from the borrowers in due course.
  • CAD related MI reporting


Experience Required:-

  • UK experience of 3 years or more in the field of credit administration.
  • Banking experience is preferred.



  • Attention to detail.
  • Adaptable and keen to drive change.
  • Self starter


As this is a small friendly team, the role would suit someone who is a team player and is able to engage easily with fellow team members.


Our client is an equal opportunity employer and ensures that no applicant is subject to less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, age, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependants, physical or mental disability. Candidates are selected for interview based on their skills, qualifications and experience.


Please note that we can only consider candidates who are eligible to work in the UK and are able to provide relevant supporting documentation.


For further information, please contact: 

Enrico Castagnetti, Wintermann Search & Selection Limited

Mobile:       +44 (0)7711 267500

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