Credit Manager, Large Corporates, Mandarin Speaker

Our Client, a global banking Group is currently searching for a Credit Manager to cover Large Corporates for their London Office.  Fluent Mandarin is essential for this role.  Details as follows:


Principal Purpose of the Job:

Support the CBD team with credit risk and financial analysis for existing and prospect clients to support marketing activities by anticipating the financing needs of clients, by undertaking fundamentals based analysis, working in partnership with the Relationship Manager to produce presentations.


As part of the ‘First Line of Defence’, working with the RM, the credit manager will prepare and coordinate transaction proposal credit papers, to minimise the Bank’s credit-related losses by identifying/reasonably measuring credit risks and mitigants in proposals, reviews etc. Act as key liaison between the CBD team and CRD to ensure fluid communication between all parties to maximise the chance of positive transaction vetting by CRD.


Managing the risk of the CBD portfolio with other team members so as to make clear unambiguous recommendations to Credit Risk Department (CRD – inclusive of CMD and CAD), Credit Committee & HO, in accordance with the Bank’s credit policy with respect to particular business transactions and applicable local and head office credit risk policy impacting CBD.


Assist the CBD team & management in monitoring, identifying and reasonably measuring credit risk in the Bank’s CBD asset portfolio so as to comply with prevailing credit risk appetite and booking policies.  Support interface with middle office/credit ledger system (e.g. GCMS) booking, alongside the RM teams.


Work with CBD team & management to evolve the supporting credit risk architecture and enablers. In particular: Credit risk policy applicable to CBD, CBD rating methodologies and identification/negotiation of apposite CBD information service access. Objective to enhance risk reward asset attribution.  Support credit, operations & credit risk technical training for the CBD team. Use the Business Support Office (BSO) to help arrange. Perform research of industry & customer-related information for CBD portfolio and provide expert guidance on credit risks related matters.



Reporting Relationship:   To the Head of Credit Analyst Team.


Main Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  1. Undertake Financial Analysis: In partnership with the Relationship Manager, where applicable to assess the financing needs of a corporate and enhance the marketing activities of the Front Office to proactively win financing mandates. Overtime, as required and directed, contribute to providing content for marketing presentations.


  1. Credit Transaction Submissions: As a member of First Line of Defence, to prepare credit proposals and co-ordinate customer due diligence (CDD) matters; support CBD Team prepare pre-wash papers, credit applications, annual reviews, waiver papers and special / watch list monitoring reports in a timely, professional manner. Credit paper preparation to provide insight on industry and trends based on own research.  Provide a robust independent challenge in credit process, in accordance with Bank’s credit policy undertaken in co-ordination with CRD Analyst’s concurrent paper review to achieve a timely, co-ordinated & predictable CRD review outcome.  Application priorities defined on regular basis by team pipeline meeting so incumbent can (i) effectively manage time (ii) has clarity on products-clients incumbent/other team members and takes lead on preparing papers. Direct incumbent productivity target of 2 credit papers in preparation/completion cycle of 2 weeks at any time.  Prioritisation of incumbent prepared papers expected on structured deals. Key support for difficult issues in other products e.g. (i) RCF un-secured justification of high gearing vs. industrial large corporate capital structures (ii) key peer ratio analysis register etc.   


  1. CRD Interface: Achieve timely turnaround of credit proposals and reviews, (as allocated for the incumbent to prepare or support other RM’s preparing) in line with regular credit pipeline meeting prioritisations in accordance with pre-agreed CBD/Departmental objectives. Act as key proactive liaison between the CBD team and CRD, to directly/indirectly finalise credit papers, reviews, any post-lending credit management responsibilities and over view any GCMS booking tasks transferred to CBD. Act as 2nd pair of eyes on overall CRD interface process to optimise efficiency.


  1. GCMS Input: (TO BE AGREED) Direct GCMS-related input (transaction limit, counterparty rating, annual reviews submissions) with the support of CRD review Analysts, the Business Support Officer (BSO) and relevant Credit Department/Banking Department/CAD staff as applicable.  RM provides guidance when/as required as a team effort given evolving credit approval architecture requirements on front office.


  1. Impaired Asset Support: If applicable over view delivery of quarterly reviews of existing and proposed Slow-Moving and Classified Accounts (i.e. Watch list, Substandard, Doubtful and Loss), including supporting CRD prepare reports to Credit Committee. Take part in co-ordinating committees for voluntary and imposed workouts on CBD assets.


  1. Process Lead Developing SMART CBD Operating Interface with CRD: Formalise with CBD/CRD input credit analysis methodology for CBD products to ensure an efficient consistent approach/consensus with CRD review Analysts.  Proactively propose/undertake risk-oriented reviews of the CBD portfolio to stress test and build confidence in business. Agree appropriate forms/systems for post signing/performance monitoring e.g. risk audit visits/forward focused analytical assessment rather than passive retrospective performance/ratio reviews.


  1. Accountable for CBD Industry Research / Reviews: Perform (i) credit reviews agreeing practical allocation of work allocated to incumbent & other CBD RM’s (ii) lead research access for industry/customer-related information for all new proposals/required reviews of  existing customers. Support relevant team members in their relationship management responsibility, collecting client information/research material to produce professional credit proposals/discharge other risk related applications/reports.  Undertake visits to key CBD clients for risk audits.


  1. Lead on Data Sourcing / Training Architecture: Identify & propose to management and as applicable implement data sources to maintain and proactively monitor relevant client, industry & economic trends for early warning trends, credit risk reviews and credit management purposes, with clear regular communication with stakeholders. To incrementally expand market intelligence sources and manage market research subscriptions and identify suitable events for team credit risk training.


  1. Lead on Rating Architecture:  Supervise with CBD Team guidance design, engage advisers as appropriate, approve and implement new credit rating methodology for CBD team to more accurately reflect the true risk and best credit risk market practice by lending peers. Work with CRD and CBD to evaluate and map credit risk consistent with Basel/other appropriate regulatory frameworks. Undertake stress tests and other risk oriented reviews of the portfolio.


  1. Other Functions: As maybe required from time-to-time, undertaking other related work as may be requested by the CBD team &/or DGM such as taking part in restructuring, workshops, conferences etc. Also to provide back up to  Relationship Manager duties of other commercial customer facing team teams: including (a) to assist in identifying and develop prospective client relationship and business activities proactively;  (b) to help originate and support the execution of lending products and participations in the primary and secondary syndicated and bilateral corporate loan markets (c) to support plans and maintenance of effective calling programs for prospective and existing clients (d) to help promote, execute and assist the development of ancillary business in London and in the Bank’s domestic and overseas operations via effective liaison with relevant bank colleagues (e) to contribute to the development of new products and services and promote the Bank’s activities in line with its strategic objectives (f) to help review and, where necessary, prepare loan facility and supporting documentation (g) assist the Team Head in compilation of business plans, internal reports/reviews and administrative communications.


Items 1- 5 account for the majority of the work load.


High level competence in commodity/larger corporate clients risk analysis, and underlying knowledge of the industry fundamentals and trends, with greater emphasis on the Large Corporate sector(s).


Mandarin speaker is mandatory.


Preferably experience within an external rating agency or Corporate Finance/ratings based Front Office analyst team.


An open-minded, flexible, professional, pragmatic and market cognisant approach to commodity risk assessment, CBD portfolio management and provisioning policy.


Strong communication and interpersonal skills, in dealing with both junior and senior level counterparts and staff internally and externally.


An ability to work unsupervised, with effective time management and a strong team player mind-set including remote networked access where applicable.


Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel etc. financial modelling skills are a requirement.


Our client is an equal opportunity employer and ensures that no applicant is subject to less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, age, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependants, physical or mental disability. Candidates are selected for interview based on their skills, qualifications and experience.


Please note that we can only consider candidates who are eligible to work in the UK and are able to provide relevant supporting documentation.


For further information, please contact: 

Enrico Castagnetti, Wintermann Search & Selection Limited

Mobile:       +44 (0)7711 267500




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